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Resurrected from the depths of middle school microsoft 'nonconformity' #zune
24th October, 2018
@shemtovo @pkedrosky @fredwilson @bijan OK, you forced my hand. Not only did I have to find this old Windows Nokia…
22nd October, 2018
Imma make a shrine of all the best discontinued #MFST hardware. #kinect (1) #band (v1 & v 2) #Zune (3, one still se…
21st October, 2018
Found an unused set of @microsoft #Zune earbuds in an overcoat I was about to give away. Suffice it to say, I kept…
17th October, 2018
I found my #zune has all my old cuts !!! 🤟🏻
15th October, 2018
👀 "MS has this uncanny ability to allow competing companies to react to changes in the market more quickly, whittli…
14th October, 2018