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She always on my mind when I’m thinking in my zone When there’s nothing left to drink and I’m sitting here alone #zedsdead #omarlinx #cowboy
17th December, 2018
Anxiously waiting for that Shut up and sing VIP from escape!! @zedsdead did something to me that night with that dr…
15th December, 2018
It’s a special kind of hell wanting to build a shitload of bikes but only having enough money and tools to build on…
13th December, 2018
Zed's Dead was the most high energy show I have been to in awhile! I've never heard a crowd screaming with exciteme…
13th December, 2018
“you know” mix coming soon. just trying out my new toy i’ll be using for live shows! #nightclub #edm #club
11th December, 2018