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You forgot the newest member but don’t worry she posted her own picture 👸🏼 #vlogsquad #zane @zane @ParisHilton
24th September, 2018
I'm wondering if while doing Zane's 200th intro, Liza was just thinking about how David looked so freaking hot in h…
23rd September, 2018
@zane I’m so proud of you. Totally worth the wait #Zane
21st September, 2018
Zane's 200th video Holy crap omg hidayah's dress Erin looking like a model yass everyone just looked oh my gawdddd…
21st September, 2018
Have you ever considered how #easy it would be to have a small #IoTworld in just one box? The picture is just an il…
21st September, 2018