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“Tech C.E.O.s Are in Love With Their Principal Doomsayer” by The New York Times #homodeus #homosapiens
14th December, 2018
Happy Lucia. Saw the totally mad #Aquaman movie. A classical beautiful hero movie and at the same time so much foll…
14th December, 2018
🤔 Whose rule do you need to apply today to your business? -------------------- #tailopez #tailopezabookaday
13th December, 2018
Started the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. Seems like very interesting book.…
12th December, 2018
"Scholars tend to ask only those questions that they can reasonably expect to answer" #YuvalNoahHarari #scientists #academicproblems
11th December, 2018
"what reason will we have to get up in the morning?" (#billgates in a review of the book by #yuvalnoahharari.) In…
10th December, 2018