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art machine is malfunctioning so i decided to draw my princess #akatsukinoyona #akatsuki_no_yona #yona
18th March, 2018
Cosplay vs character If you have friends you have a treasure Yoon: @Laura_PG_ Zeno: Maka Evans Yona:me Picture:…
16th March, 2018
I want to: ◻️ A) Protect her ◻️ B) Help her grow ◻️ C) Spoil her ☑️ D) All of the above #Yona
15th March, 2018
Another highlight from today's #SpringConcert was watching #YONA Sistema students celebrate their favorite song…
15th March, 2018
Before we prepare for The Music of #U2 tonight we are celebrating with The Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta…
15th March, 2018
I was able to purchase volume 10 for Yona yesterday but volume 8 is still out of stock. 😭😭😭 I can't live like this…
14th March, 2018