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Been talking to car sales people and got a sudden urge to draw a Snake doodle. #yoink #premiumdude
16th September, 2018
@MatthewBerryTMR Are people already dropping @LeVeonBell crazy? I feel like they're certifiable. On a side note,…
16th September, 2018
Who’s ready to scoop up real estate in London when it crashes by 30%? #Yoink #Patience #TimingMatters #TradeAnythingThatMoves
14th September, 2018
My first ever lil' wire stunt. Stupid fun. Loved being able to do whatever I could in the action scenes 🗡️🎬🌲…
13th September, 2018
there's also probably some crappy metrics blog post out there that says your tweets will do better if you upload pi…
12th September, 2018