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"OST of the day #15" Honestly a really don't care for the game awards and gaming awards in general for a lot of rea…
14th November, 2018
Hard for me to take #TheGameAwards seriously when #DetroitBecomeHuman gets nominated for its narrative but #Yakuza6 doesn't.
14th November, 2018
Spent way too long today playing #yakuza6 still so absorbing, nearing the end now. Great story. Beat Takeshi almost…
13th November, 2018
#Yakuza6 the song of life and also my fav of all the yakuza series with the best voice acting and cut scenes. Its l…
12th November, 2018
gonna kick him in a selfie is actually adorable #Yakuza6
11th November, 2018
One taught me success One taught me lost One taught me redemption & One taught me family @yakuzagame @devilleon7
10th November, 2018