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Came home to find my #Kickstarter backer hard copy of The WoW Diary by @JohnStaats_WIR waiting for me! Been so hype…
15th January, 2019
Hopefully I’m well enough to pop out a video tomorrow, but there’s so little #wowclassic info to talk about and tha…
15th January, 2019
@TwitchStreamTS We’ve but I got really hyped this last weekend for some reason. #wowclassic #blizzard
14th January, 2019
I'm #live on #twitchtv playing #worldofwarcraft while I patiently waiting for #wowclassic or some sort of beta. Ret…
12th January, 2019
In before all the people excited for classic start complaining about time gating and doing quests for spells.. #WoWClassic
10th January, 2019
I probably have to put this one on hold a while. Need to focus on some other stuff. But I hope it can be done at th…
9th January, 2019
Nerd alert 🚨 🤓: Who’s going to jump on @worldofwarcraft with me this summer? #wowvanilla #wowclassic #worldofwarcraft @Blizzard_Ent
9th January, 2019