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Ok I'm too excited about playing #wormswmd that I'm going to start a bit earlier! If you'd like to feature on my Wo…
15th January, 2019
@Square_XO #WormsWMD #SuperBombermanR And any other games that seem to be lacking enough online players to start a game.
15th January, 2019
Gonna be playing #WormsWMD with frands tonight! @Glitch_Steel for sure, maybe others. Make sure to join us!…
14th January, 2019
Oh hey, going live with some of that #WormsWMD action. Come hang?
11th January, 2019
Indie - ✅ Bananas- ✅ Bananas! - ✅ BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ✅ Playing some #wormswmd by…
11th January, 2019
Worms W.M.D. Gameplay Walkthrough Playthrough Let's Play - Part 3 🔗LINK: #WormsWMD
10th January, 2019
We've got a feeling this worm had some "famous last words". Any guesses as to what they were?​ #WormsWMD
8th January, 2019