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@debrakidd @HYWEL_ROBERTS try some out with pupils at #Woodrow with @rkieran maybe? 😂
28th March, 2017
The bulldagger number who kept calling while im mingling. "U wanna see some ass, I wanna C(note) some cash." Some Mr. #Woodrow
28th March, 2017
A picnic in the park after making beautiful #landart picture P1's @greenmillPS enjoyed their time at #Woodrow Lots…
27th March, 2017
*Kevin Hart voice* 😒 Drain the swamp Reeeeeeaally? How are you aiming for a 2nd term and your 1st term hasn't even begun? #Woodrow Wilson
21st March, 2017
Portrait of U.S. President #Woodrow #Wilson created by assembling sailors and soldiers
19th March, 2017