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What other facts about African Wild Dogs can you add? I will add that they are endangered with only about 5,000 le…
22nd March, 2018
Behind The Scenes: Our guides are never disappointed when they find the African painted wolves on our LIVE drives!…
21st March, 2018
These 'painted wolves' take a sniff. There are now only 5,000 Wild Dogs left in the wild #WildDog #Endangered
21st March, 2018
NSW Northern Tablelands - this unique landscape of gorges and plateaus features in a documentary-style video on aer…
21st March, 2018
African wild dogs live in packs of approximately 6 - 20 and are considered cooperative hunters and although hyenas…
20th March, 2018
Commission [MAR 2018] 10 Commission for GodfreyAlonzo [Furaffinity] Thank you! >w< #commission #furry #kemono
19th March, 2018