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#Repost @PharrisBueller • • • • • YOOOOO❗💲ET❗❗❗ Can't Wait Til This drop🔥🔥🔥S/o snowcoldstunna Cuzzo really doi…
18th January, 2019
It takes a special kind of snowflake to be mad at a razor ad that portrays men behaving well. #WhyYouMad Good job…
17th January, 2019
@tonyposnanski @Gillette One question! #WhyYouMad does this make you feel exposed or is it you raised you’re child…
17th January, 2019
@oldcheapwine @Gillette The same damn thing that had me puzzled is now obvious 🤦🏻‍♂️ #WhyYouMad
17th January, 2019