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i eat too much cheese today and ended up like the #whitechicks toliet scene
13th December, 2017
#whitechicks really is a cult classic. All performances so hilarious 😂
12th December, 2017
Watching #whitechicks , got to the scene where Wilsons rap the n word, my kids wanted to know why their friends say…
12th December, 2017
My car got towed today, on my birthday. When we arrived at the lot I handed my dog to my dad and said, "Yo, hold my…
12th December, 2017
Watching #WhiteChicks & this movie never fails to crack me up! If ya know, then ya know 😂😂😂
12th December, 2017
I don't think I can listen to this song and not think of @terrycrews belting out the lyrics! 💕#whitechicks
11th December, 2017