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@ByronYork It's a little too late when Time Magazine has 1/2 the country pissed off. #IllegalImmigration
23rd June, 2018
@dcexaminer @SaraCarterDC #WashingtonExaminer: If that person worked at a normal company he/she would have been fired by now.
22nd June, 2018
The #WashingtonExaminer, an American political journalism website, mentioned us in this article »…
21st June, 2018
Check out this new video from @dcexaminer "Ahead of the Trend: Tracking elite institutions’ facilitation of free sp…
19th June, 2018
Additional #breakingnews from the #Washingtonexaminer: why murderer is wrong to blame being murdered solely on murd…
19th June, 2018
Read more from Commentary Writer @BecketAdams "Come on, Florida, let Muslim prisoners practice their faith" on…
15th June, 2018