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@VZWNow Can you PRICE MATCH my HORRIBLE @TMobile PLAN so I can SWITCH NOW??? I'm bringing 13 years of LOYALTY & 4 PHONES #VerySerious
19th January, 2017
I am so excited to watch Fifty Shades Darker alone on Valentine's Day. It's my treat to myself for being one fabulous gal. 💋😇 #veryserious
18th January, 2017
I legit fell off my bed this morning, fucked my arm up and everything. #veryserious
17th January, 2017
In addition to that, I had a long discussion with my new boss. #freakedout #veryserious
15th January, 2017
i mean it's obviously my fault that i will lose my health insurance bc i didn't vote for hillary #VerySerious
13th January, 2017
Watching @HairsprayLive for the 2,836 time, when @ephsykes comes on: 4yo: NO ONE can sing or talk!! My Ephraim is singing!!! #veryserious
13th January, 2017
#TrumpDossier was put together by a highly respected MI6 Agent ....Not some chinless #ConspiracyWonk. #VerySerious
12th January, 2017