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@Factorylux WoW 🖤🖤🖤 .... it’s #VantaBlack or #AmlostAKindOf ?? (VB Isn’t under exclusive license of HKapoor?). Anyway... impressive !!!
19th September, 2018
The mad scientists at @MoserWatches have designed a new timepiece with an incredibly accurate moon-phase indicator…
17th September, 2018
#vantablack but for sound not light. My apartment is at a really noisy intersection.
17th September, 2018
A high-tech coating is an absolutely, utterly black makes the dial of the new @HMoserCie moon phase disappear. See…
17th September, 2018
@mental_floss He has the exclusive rights of #vantablack (darkest manmade material). Now we ‘see’ why...
16th September, 2018