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lol warriors act like they are winning the finals. cavs thought about sitting big 3 tonight #unimportant
17th January, 2017
@joss ass clown. Hey fathead u r just ANOTHER molecule in space like the other 4 billion humans. #unimportant
16th January, 2017
@Coverville don't forget the meaning hash tag to emphasize the point. #unimportant
15th January, 2017
This news is going to plunge the world economy in a terrible chaos... Watch out! #useless #unimportant & #NotNews
14th January, 2017
How important do I have to be to get a circle with a check in it by my name? #unimportant #nobody
14th January, 2017
@BBCLookEast Hello!! Storm surge happening in North Norfolk too!! Wells Blakeney Cley Salthouse all threatened again like 2013! #unimportant
13th January, 2017
Maybe while he feeds his ego, speech after speech he will be too busy to do more DAMAGE to the US. Let him babble!…
12th January, 2017