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@BudgITng Very commendable. Seperately, why do our senators have separate headedpapers - different logos and pape…
20th November, 2017
Do you understand why cultural reason does not want you to speak into life God calls in you unhindered by cultural…
18th November, 2017
SUN DEVIL FANS: Here's your one-stop shop to prep for ASU vs. Oregon State: @SotDPodcast:
17th November, 2017
@MichaelT1979 "It's not best's secure fit..well, secure-ish...erm, teachers can use their judgement..." Du…
16th November, 2017
Social media only fuels the fire that started with telling our young people that their worthless opinions matter an…
16th November, 2017
2017 #Uniformity – Week 12: @SunDevilEquip keeps it as simple as black-and-white for ASU Football uniforms:…
16th November, 2017
UK distracting all these different color basketball shoes looks silly @UKCoachCalipari #uniformity please
15th November, 2017
Don't forget to submit your fantasy uniform for #Uniformity this week to me here or at @sundevilcole7.
13th November, 2017