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The #website #maintenance and overhaul continues through next week. Just #fixing and #tweaking some finer points and any bad links.
19th July, 2018
That moment when you decide to tweak your Linkedin profile and you get loads of lovely messages congratulating you…
19th July, 2018
Doing dull and boring work for the next couple of hours. After that I shall twiddle on the modular for a bit.…
18th July, 2018
Im not a cutthroat person, but hey if a nigga gotta die, a nigga gotta #die. WHY U #TWEAKING. JUST PLAY YOUR #ROLE
14th July, 2018
@Ronnie2K @LD2K @Beluba The 2k17 going into 18 immortalization reward was a huge upset, and I'm hoping you guys and…
12th July, 2018