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@3BSoapReviews There will never be another Dixie Carter. Therefore, there will never be another Julia Sugerbaker. #TVLine #DesigningWomen
15th August, 2018
#TVLine gave my Emailed Q an answer & OMG 😱 😭 🥳 🥳 🥳 😭 😱 firstly, ThankYou #TVLine for this, now freakout time with…
14th August, 2018
Just read on @EW and @TVLine that Castle Rock just got a season 2 renewal. SO HAPPY!!!! This show is so good and ve…
14th August, 2018
2 Q's Emailed one for #Blindspot & the other for #NCISLA. 😎 Let's see if my last call is heard. 🔊 📧 📢 📧 🔊 #TVLine
13th August, 2018
Looks like they are taking my advice How to Make The Oscars More Viewer-Friendly #abc
9th August, 2018