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I learned yesterday but it might be #fakenews that the @BBC pay Gary Lineker more to present Match of the Day than…
9th December, 2018
We pay a tv license for BBC and they still want your details to sign in to get the catch up or the snooker. No. Has…
7th December, 2018
As the end of the year rapidly approaches, don’t be caught out by fake TV license emails that are flying about. H…
7th December, 2018
@BBC #subtitles do not work for #hardofhearing people with hearing loss at all. What happened? They used to be ahea…
5th December, 2018
Just been robbed by @tvlicensing could cry over the price of a #tvlicense At least dick Turpin wore a mask
4th December, 2018
I think my position regarding paying for a #TVLicense is vindicated. Unless the #SABC’s independence to run its aff…
4th December, 2018
Why are we still paying tax - #TVlicense? @BBC is unwatchable and unreliable, biased and not trustworthy.
3rd December, 2018
To the fighter jets flying over my home in #Norwich: I HAVE PAID MY #TVLICENSE! AND I WON'T SUCCUMB TO CASUAL…
3rd December, 2018
@BBCPointlessTV Why are we seeing repeat shows on primetime Saturday night tv. #disgraceful #tvlicense #moneyfornothing 😠
1st December, 2018