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Triple frontier on netflix is the movie they tried to make in tropic thunder #Triplefrontier #tropicthunder #Netflix
26th March, 2019
Man, everyone's gay once in a while. This Hollywood. #TropicThunder
24th March, 2019
I can no longer listen to Midnight Train To Georgia without remembering @RobertDowneyJr singing and dancing as a P…
23rd March, 2019
Stop tailgating me, you pasty teabag! I'm going potty. You want ta hold my dick? #TropicThunder
21st March, 2019
That movie #TropicThunder was good about how someone like #JohnMcCain was in the army so called black faced
19th March, 2019
Dustin Hoffman, RainMan, looked retarded, act retarded, not retarded. Count toothpicks, cheat at cards. Autistic, sho #TropicThunder
18th March, 2019