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@briannahilde watching #Tragedygirls and you guys are fantastic!!! Storm and Negasonic need a team up movie!!
22nd May, 2018
Losman's Lair of Horror: Friends Who Slay Together, Stay Together: #tragedygirls
22nd May, 2018
Finished Ep. 83 of @ShockWavesPod: #TragedyGirls! I'm so incredibly behind in my movie watching that I still haven'…
22nd May, 2018
Checking out this flick before bed.. Kinda of digging this horror / comedy so far!! #tragedygirls #HorrorMovie
21st May, 2018
The weight lifting room Kill 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 #TragedyGirls
20th May, 2018
Another great movie staring @briannahilde #TragedyGirls can’t wait to see #Deadpool2
18th May, 2018
Tragedy Girls was oddly great.....Idk why I have such an affinity for teen murder movies. #tragedygirls #teenslasherflicks #weirdmovies
18th May, 2018
Super excited for next week's episode which will feature 2 special guests! Watch ahead 'cause we got 3 movies we're…
17th May, 2018
OOOOoooo, but #TragedyGirls is on sale on Vudu for $7 HD this week. Been meaning to give this one a shot and I thi…
15th May, 2018