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PSA: if you are a #TimeWarnerCable customer, call @GetSpectrum & make sure you ASK to get the spectrum deal, not TWC. #ScamCity save 30$
23rd July, 2017
WE are the Dodgers. Remind @Dodgers of their promise as custodians of a REAL public trust. #TimeWarnerCable
21st July, 2017
#GOP voted to let #Comcast #TimeWarnerCable sell YOUR web browsing history to anyone & maybe #Russia. How Stupid!!
20th July, 2017
I am beyond aggravated with stupid Wi-Fi... #spectrum you suck since y'all switched from #timewarnercable
20th July, 2017
@Ask_Spectrum tell me #Spectrum why does my internet suck since you took over #TimeWarnerCable??
20th July, 2017
Charter bought out #TimeWarnerCable & formed Spectrum, but I'm penalized for still being considered a TW customer @GetSpectrum @Ask_Spectrum
19th July, 2017