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.@guardian Why was SecureDrop down for so long in 2015? Did you ever read the #TimHunt info placed there?
25th March, 2017
Based on tried-and-true tactics re: #timHunt, dastardly #louisemensch goes into attack overdrive to silence dissent…
24th March, 2017
As some say, and TBH, I DO like it, *unfriendly reminder* re: people inextricably linked for all time re: #timhunt
21st March, 2017
#timHunt -what was the point of it? I'm asking seriously. Is this what #rupertMurdoch made #louisemensch do? Let's look at Mensch sources
21st March, 2017
As a Twitter 'friend' from the absurd #timHunt imbroglio said, Lou scanning thru 'follows' = rifling thru knickers
21st March, 2017
@katestarbird I'd like to see a comparison between what you're describing here and use of #TimHunt shaming by #gdle2015 and Elsevier.
20th March, 2017
#TimHunt campaign, billed as passionate defense of women in STEM. Vicious attacks on so many prominent women scien…
18th March, 2017