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@CraigSilverman Might be worth looking at your logs re impact of -ve #SocialPR #TimHunt campaign - quantify costs to advertisers.
16th January, 2017
.@AlbertoNardelli How does the promotion of the Merkel stories differ tactically/ethically from the #timhunt case?
14th January, 2017
Louise on "the Russians have taken over" sounding like #ConnieStLouis on "#TimHunt is a sexist," but less calm.
14th January, 2017
Hey @tlitb, got an idea, perhaps we ask @danwaddell, he knows / has spoken to everyone on that side of the #TimHunt
13th January, 2017
@tlitb What person could bear SUCH a grudge over the #TimHunt affaire, to want to set up this account in Dec. 2016 ... hmmm
13th January, 2017
@neuropathik you dont need to actually hear things anymore to have an opinion on them. Look at #timhunt being hounded out of post.
12th January, 2017
Science is about nothing but getting at the truth, and anything that get... #TimHunt #aphorism
11th January, 2017