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"What would Jesus cook? Would Jesus even cook? Wouldn't he just make something into dinner?" 😆😆 #TigNotaro #OneMississippi
19th September, 2017
@ChrisNelsonMMM @TigNotaro I recommend u also her docu"Tig" &her stand up''Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted''. S…
18th September, 2017
Doing again a #OneMississippi(the best serie i've seen since ages) marathon, starting from S1, and so it goes... #TigNotaro
17th September, 2017
Actor John Rothman joins 'The Process' to talk S2 #OneMississippi, #Tignotaro and David O. Russell. #bingewatching
17th September, 2017
Love #tignotaro just finished season 1 now on to 2 .One Mississippi Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Video
16th September, 2017
If you've got amazon prime then binge-watch #TigNotaro's utterly fabulous #OneMississippi right now - it's totally brilliant 👍👏
15th September, 2017
@MusicL0ver84 Indeed she is funny and soooo inspiring, amazing strength she has, to make pple laugh of her jokes ab…
15th September, 2017