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John Kerry's #teenagegirl comment is exactly what we're trying to counteract at #GDayForGirls. Read why comments li…
20th September, 2018
What a difference a year makes. My little last year in 7th and my little this year in 8th!! Can’t believe this be…
18th September, 2018
Next time an out of touch representative of the patriarchy tries to define what a #TeenageGirl is like by using it…
17th September, 2018
Please, please don't look at a #TeenageGirl and just assume insecurity or weaknesses. And don't use us to describe…
16th September, 2018
When I was a #TeenageGirl I was brave enough to seek help for Depression and began my recovery.
16th September, 2018
When I was a #TeenageGirl I quit high school and started teaching Business English at globally renowned companies.
16th September, 2018