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It didn’t record the last couple words. But this is the first one out there. Make sure to share. Retweet. Like.…
19th January, 2019
@dawnbvaughan I’ve been #TeamBackpack for a while now, double strapping it is SO much better for my back. 👍🏻 Also…
18th January, 2019
@kungfuvampire what's up with #teambackpack cause this has to be one of the freshest cyphers ever! Not the 1st tim…
16th January, 2019 "Theres a blur between being an artist or an attention whore." #teambackpack #locksmith #termanology
15th January, 2019
Next Mixtape Alert: Grabbing the beats by the horns. All songs have brass samples #boombap #hiphop #realhiphop
14th January, 2019
Happy birthday to the man who’s up next! @OswinBenjamin you deserve all the success bro keep doing what you are doi…
14th January, 2019
I hate tote bags so much. how do you keep them on your shoulders? & aren’t you worried about stuff falling out? #teambackpack
12th January, 2019