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“To stand out I refer people to my client reviews, where they can see that I take my work seriously!” - Jana, one o…
24th April, 2018
I have too many #chess games with my one buddy to keep track of my strategies so I built a note taking app in…
23rd April, 2018
If you've not yet tried #tasker - don't bother. Quite possibly the single most frustrating app inflicted on mankind
22nd April, 2018
Need help with a task? Hire me on TaskRabbit and get $20 off your first task. Check out my skills:…
19th April, 2018
@AmandaTaytro @TaskRabbit As an NYC Tasker frustrated with this experience, I extend my most sincere apologies! Thi…
18th April, 2018
@Gizmodo @TaskRabbit @TechCrunch @ForbesTech For all the nonbelievers! Taskrabbit comes through for Taskers. Things…
18th April, 2018
@TaskRabbit what's going on with Tasker payments from over the weekend?! #hacked #tasker #concerned
17th April, 2018
Frantically opens laptop; starts digging in for xml backups, nope, nothing. Ow, momma said "no cussing". alright.…
15th April, 2018


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