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I really want that #SurfacePhone, but I can’t wait forever. 😩
19th October, 2018
@panos_panay At the end of the advert, the person took a call using the headphones. Does this mean that headphones…
16th October, 2018
Microsoft’s @panos_panay Panay loves his #SurfacePhone, new form factors “coming in the future”…
14th October, 2018
Pick me up a Surface Slate while you're there. That's what I'm calling Surface Phone. Y'all can ship me one later f…
13th October, 2018
@mspoweruser Won’t fit in mine, I’ve got tight pockets. Anyway, saving for #SurfacePhone 💚
12th October, 2018
A patent of the #Microsoft #SurfacePhone has just been published, there is a flexible screen rather than the initia…
12th October, 2018
Microsoft patent points to a flexible, single-screen folding Surface device
12th October, 2018
"New patent suggests Microsoft is working on an improved Surface Phone" I dunno. It's going to be hard to improv…
12th October, 2018