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If You Ever Meet A Nigga a More Solid Than Me , Point Me To Him , I’d Like To Meet Him . 😴✍🏽 #SuperSolid
19th October, 2018
Hey, boo. We want to keep in touch with you, follow Supersolid on Facebook. #supersolid
15th October, 2018
Level up! Happy 1st year Home Street game. Thank you to all of our Neighbors for your support -you put the icing on…
12th October, 2018
Don't ever judge people by what they look like to u, they might be a hero 💯 #uneverknow #supersolid #heffluvsthekids
11th October, 2018
Oh yeah. Shoutout to everybody who’s been traveling with me ✊🏾 #SuperSolid
10th October, 2018