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Why is it that everytime the Republicans are in power the deficit doubles and sky rockets from when they took over…
19th October, 2018
Shoutout to all the millennials between the ages of 18-26. You all had the worst voter turn out in the last electio…
18th October, 2018
And the #SuperTuesday is officially over !! 21 qualifying games ! Thanks to all those who took part with a tweet/st…
16th October, 2018
#Word There's something in your brain that works for safety, give thanks to God. #SuperTuesday #LetthepeoplepraisetheeohGod
16th October, 2018
#Word The instrument of God is very simple, we think we have to do the extreme to be there... #SuperTuesday #LetthepeoplepraisetheeohGod
16th October, 2018
#Word What you are using to complain what God used to create you... Give thanks for what you have. #SuperTuesday
16th October, 2018