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Only a matter of time until @henllanfc sack manager @cbhenllan for winning the Summer league!! #prayforCB #summerleague #properfootball
23rd February, 2017
So glad I don't follow the Premier League anymore, it's a total joke. I pray Leicester get relegated now!#summerleague #properfootball #HFC
23rd February, 2017
Another great evening of #SummerLeague at @Vobsquash. Go F-Team! (@VOB Squash in Cape Town, South Africa)
22nd February, 2017
Penultimate week of #squash #SummerLeague.Players gearing up for start of @WPSquash #WinterLeague and fighting for a position on the ladder.
19th February, 2017
Some tough matches with teams fighting for positions. A versus F B versus C D versus E Top 2 teams 2 battle it out #SummerLeague #Squash
19th February, 2017
lol tomorrow it's Cleveland and Warriors in the bluff #SummerLeague
19th February, 2017
Next weekend we will be opening spots for our @TriadBlueChip High School #SummerLeague Our goal is to do both Men's & Women's league.
18th February, 2017
I have been gone since October. The mission starts today. #SummerLeague
16th February, 2017