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First night with #SummerFridays Jetlag Mask on my face. Let’s see the wonders...😉
22nd March, 2019
Spring and this cute girl are a good mix. Happy first day of spring! 🌸🌼 #nyc #summerfridays #happyspring #spring
20th March, 2019
Writing a blog post on #summerfridays #jetlag mask and the 5 ways I use it... yes 5 it’s so versatile 💕 @marianna_hewitt def taught me 👌🏼
20th March, 2019
The thought that always crosses my mind when putting on the #summerfridays jet lag mask...
17th March, 2019
Whewwwww just put some #SummerFridays Jet Lag Mask on my face and I can feel it’s magic. Ahh
16th March, 2019
I have to work for 6 days straight 15 hours a day.. the only things that are going to get me through this:…
15th March, 2019