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I only know how to relate to people through #Sufjan lyrics and way too honest conversation
23rd March, 2017
5 years is a long time to wait for music, but @asthmatickitty & #Sufjan finally tease us with #Planetarium.
22nd March, 2017
Of course I'm sitting here, listening to #Sufjan when @asthmatickitty tells me about the new #Sufjan project. #PLANETARIUM #SoupjamFeaver
22nd March, 2017
If you don't listen to Carrie & Lowell once or twice a month you're probably not going anywhere in life #sufjan
21st March, 2017
Age of Adz is my life right now, might have always been #Sufjan
21st March, 2017
Coffee shop in Austin is playing the full Carrie and Lowell album #BoldChoice #Sufjan #CryInMyCoffee
16th March, 2017