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Trump thinks Chicago is "out of control carnage". I think it's majestic, poetic, and powerful. And it's playing now…
18th February, 2017
our #sufjan fan zine is open for pre orders and i never tweeted about it so here is this!
17th February, 2017
Happy Valentine's Day from me brought to us all by #Sufjan
14th February, 2017
Christ did not come into this world to become a modifier. #Sufjan Stevens
14th February, 2017
I've not listened to this album for a few months... lo & behold it's still beautiful #sufjan
14th February, 2017
We celebrate our sense of each other, We have a lot to give one another #Sufjan
13th February, 2017
Damnit if I touch this computer and start sampling I fear a psychological break &!lapse in judgment resulting in my being fired. #sufjan
12th February, 2017