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W E R K -- ✏️ -- Forgot my markers today! I'll have to finish this terrible Kirby-wannabe later 😅 . . . .…
17th January, 2019
A little update on an artwork I'm doing; this features Invisible Woman in an art style that channels Sachiko Wada's…
16th January, 2019
An initial sketch of Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. I'm channeling Sachiko Wada's art style for this. #WIP
14th January, 2019
Pssst: I've never seen Fox's version of The Fantasic Fail. I still love The Fantasic Four comics though.…
11th January, 2019
RE: LRT. Listen. You can't deny they had MAD chemistry. They know how to work with Disney. @Marvel do the right th…
10th January, 2019
Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. Fantastic Four 63. Cover Penciler: Jack Kirby March 1967. #FantasticFourWeek
10th January, 2019