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@Bob_Dobbs I say it so frequently today, I now abbreviate it to just "damn it!" #Subgenius
19th September, 2018
The most upsetting thing is the anti-yeti sentiment. #subgenius
18th September, 2018
Are YOU looking for a CULT with ALL the convenience of mail order, but NONE of the grime? Then join The Church of T…
18th September, 2018
@philodrummond I IMPLORE YOU! dear layreaders, please do not take #NoManSkyNEXT as a parody universe, many have tri…
18th September, 2018
Why buy the whole rocket when you can pay just $35 and get so much more… WHEN THE TIME COMES! #SubGenius #MysteryStew
18th September, 2018
You think the dark ages ended way back in the dark ages? Think again. Don't believe me? Then SHOW ME WHERE THEY STO…
17th September, 2018