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@breannad I guess u guys are enjoying the #subban trade
23rd September, 2018
Why the hard change from my former #Habs fandom? Incompetent management – see #Subban and #Sergachev trades. Plus,…
22nd September, 2018
@pascallaplante @matta65 @MtlGuy2015 Oh no, not another fan of the #DUMPSTERFIRE Les Habitants in my mentions.. I w…
20th September, 2018
@CanadiensMTL what a piece of trash. hopefully he gets suspended into the regular season. thanks for #Subban, btw ..
20th September, 2018
Other then #Tavares debut ... I want a take a peak at what #Subban is bringing to the table as well, right shot. 🧐
19th September, 2018
@Chiapet33 @TonyMarinaro Marinaro is a tool (literally) .. mgmt 'feeds' him BS rumors about players & that dingdong…
17th September, 2018