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OMG !!! I didn’t realize it was Milauna Jackson who played Laila on #ChicagoPD. She was on #StrikeBack.
20th November, 2018
Enjoy some cool #StrikeBack fan art with 2 of our new characters for the new season!! Love this!
19th November, 2018
Is it a surprise I'm back with more #StrikeBack fanart? 💚💥 The new series hasn't even started yet and I can't stop…
19th November, 2018
Look who found themselves back together again all the way in Australia! 😁 On and off screen this team is the best o…
19th November, 2018
Our fearless Section 20 has been busy! Look who visited the #AustralianWarriorExpo! And scored some new ideas for…
19th November, 2018
@ItsMilaunaJemai we’d love to chat with you about #StrikeBack, #ChicagoPD and your work on our podcast! Any chance…
18th November, 2018