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#StrangerThings2 ep6 “the spy” steve: how do you know it’s not a lizard?🦎 dustin: because it’s face opened up an…
16th February, 2019
Lol This is why I like Steve more now. He was a influenced by bad people to be a huge jerk. #happyvalentinesday
14th February, 2019
Time lapse between #StrangerThings2 and #StrangerThings3 is 615 days. Holy shit! Us fans have long ass breaks betwe…
13th February, 2019
aw I feel bad for Dustin’s mom. Not to mention the kitty #StrangerThings2
12th February, 2019
@SeanAstin I’m late in the game in & just finished #StrangerThings2 on @netflix. Your portrayal of Bob Newby was th…
11th February, 2019