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@DRUDGE_REPORT @jeffsessions The California AG needs to be arrested NOW and prosecuted for sedition. Sedition is ov…
19th January, 2018
@cestlah @SenateMajLdr Like what, the exact same AMERICAN ppl that get killed by illegals that you want to defend? #steinle
18th January, 2018
@DadeUrsula Ursula, perhaps you should ask @real_jamielshaw and the Kate #Steinle family about dividing families! #Steinle.
18th January, 2018
What would you call the Kate #Steinle case? The price that must be paid for a compassionate society? She just fell…
18th January, 2018
@RealJamesWoods @tiffanylloree Because their agenda is to obstruct all laws that they feel hurt their feelings. Not…
18th January, 2018
@CNN I don't remember Mr.Booker crying tears for the #Steinle family #DHS
16th January, 2018
I see #Grassley has picked up the #WH's Kate #Steinle TPs and is dutifully flinging them around the hearing room. 🙄
16th January, 2018
@LeslieTylersmi3 I find it fascinating that many of our elected Democrats remain silent when women are violated. Do…
13th January, 2018
Sad. @RepMiaLove should sit down & ask the #Steinle family their thoughts on illegals before talking like a Democra…
12th January, 2018