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Debt Relief Obtained for Texans Victimized by Career Education Corporation: #statenews
16th January, 2019
@LindseyGrahamSC @FoxNews @seanhannity I’ll be impressed when you have a REAL interview outside of #Fox AKA #STATENEWS!!
16th January, 2019
.@NBC You do realise FOX is already #StateNews. You missed out on that one.
16th January, 2019
@mkraju Agreed - #Barr consistant 'rules and regulations' still give him an out to do what #POTUS45 or #StateNews d…
15th January, 2019
@kylegriffin1 @nytimes Best but hard lesson : besides the usual suspects of #StateNews @FoxNews and other overtly c…
13th January, 2019