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@Warren_Kole performance as #stahl throughout the 3 seasons of shades Is brilliant WHAT A WAY TO GO!Villain/Loco Ag…
17th August, 2018
US #steel imports: fall ended in Jun. Jul licenses and new license rate up to Aug 14 indicate rising volumes. Domes…
15th August, 2018
I’d always thought @Warren_Kole was insane & scary in @TheFollowingFOX Nope. He as #Stahl is more insane & scarier.…
14th August, 2018
@Warren_Kole thank you. Truly fantastic work on @nbcshadesofblue with @JLo @EGTisme and the whole cast and crew. Wo…
14th August, 2018
@nbcshadesofblue FINALLY he’s gone #Stahl gone pls don’t make him resurrect @JLo yahooooo
13th August, 2018
@JLo sooooo happy #stahl is gone for good. Sooooo sad next Sunday is the series finale. #bestshowever. #sob #ShadesOfBlue @nbcshadesofblue
13th August, 2018