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Nearly the end of @TISPOLorg #speedweek We conduct checks all year round, as they are conducted at locations determ…
20th April, 2018
Another day of the @TISPOLorg #speedweek campaign has seen 97 speeding drivers prosecuted by the team today,once ag…
19th April, 2018
Great working with @OldburyWMP today in several locations, 24 offenders prosecuted as part of @TISPOLorg #speedweek
19th April, 2018
Hang on tight! A Wild Ride on the Lake Gairdner Salt at #SpeedWeek Australia’s Bonneville
19th April, 2018
It's @TISPOLorg #SPEEDWEEK Clare has shared her story after her brother was killed in a speeding crash. "Because o…
18th April, 2018
#SpeedWeek with #LudicrousSpeed seems to leave its mark even on @EDSM_NET - I doubt that Chi Hydrae would get much…
17th April, 2018