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@jaysean thank u so much .. Finally u wished me 🎉 thanks a ton. #soulja since day 1.
14th December, 2017
never give up in this evil're a #soulja #EOMALBUM- @stonebwoyb
14th December, 2017
I been grindin trying to get it 🤘🏾💲 #soulja #creep
11th December, 2017
Insert #Love into everything you do and don't be afraid to takes risks - Be very aware of the full on FAKES around…
9th December, 2017
SO I left the house quickly this morning, was out of wet-food for the cat, so she had to rough it on dry for a few…
9th December, 2017
lil bro said “it won’t be long big bro, I️m just going up the road.” Lock ya mind never ya body #Soulja 🔓
6th December, 2017
My Twitter use to be bussin I need mine back I ain't been on here in soo long😩 #soulja
5th December, 2017