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Nice piece of history. Pretty rare perhaps. Couple holiday weeks, then back to making second album #sexpistols
19th July, 2018
Check out Sex Pistols 1977 Destroy by Dennis Morris JAPAN PHOTO BOOK punk sid vicious via…
19th July, 2018
Now playing #SidVicious - Chinese Rocks on North Texas Radio
18th July, 2018
"I’ve got absolutely no interest in pleasing the general public at all. I don’t want to because I think that largel…
15th July, 2018
For Gary @CrowleyOnAir ya bad #punk boy this is not obviously #punkrock and has no connection with flying but the i…
14th July, 2018
Now playing #SidVicious - I Wanna Be Your Dog on North Texas Radio
14th July, 2018