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@s427 @norleow Plot twist : luciflemme was Morozom all along #Shyamalan
24th June, 2017
What do you google when you're confirming then spelling of #shyamalan ?
23rd June, 2017
New episode is finally up! We finally arrive at M. Night #Shyamalan's THE VILLAGE and talk about what we found there
22nd June, 2017
@splitmovie #Shyamalan is back baby! This was the best movie and acting I've seen in a LONG time! Love the ending a…
21st June, 2017
So, saw #Split. He's back, #Shyamalan is back baby. And he's back with a monster twist. THANK YOU FOR THIS @MNightShyamalan.
19th June, 2017