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Any of our #UK based friends remember getting these #ThunderCats "Stick ‘n’ Lift" sticker cards with their #Nabisco
22nd January, 2018
I've had that #FridayFeeling ever since I googled '#Shreddies' last night ...
19th January, 2018
We have run out of #Shreddies. Googling 'Shreddies' is a somewhat surprising experience ...
19th January, 2018
I know a few people that could do with Flatulence Filtering Garments from #shreddies @Nigel_Farage
17th January, 2018
Please ensure that there are no gaps around the waistband or leg openings and the fit is taut against the skin and…
16th January, 2018
Pleased to announce my "End of Days" range of guitar pedals is going into mass production. #guitar #pedalboard
15th January, 2018