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@TripleMMelb @kennedymolloy Can you get them for dogs. How much would they cost?#shreddies
16th May, 2018
When a motorway services toilets has THE best advert up I have EVER seen 🤣🤣 #Flowers #FlatulenceFilteringGarments
16th May, 2018
“Shreddies flatulence filtering garments feature an activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odors."…
15th May, 2018
Good Morning Britain! Its a beautiful day and look what I found in my box of #Shreddies this morning! A sign? But o…
14th May, 2018
@KryptoSapien Its okay babe, I'm pretty sure they make fart filtering underwear in your size. No need to #hodl, you…
14th May, 2018
Shreddies ... taking the fun out of farting 🖕 #shreddies
13th May, 2018
@StevieJB2371 I went off #Shreddies cuz I couldn't get the thought of old women with smelly gussets knitting them. #nowordofalie
12th May, 2018