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ShareToken is officially listed on @BitMartExchange ! #SHR / #Bitmart trading available at 8am EDT. Read everythin…
19th June, 2019
2/280 straps down, belt unlevered, no wraps, fasted, humid and raining outside but, I did brush my teeth…
18th June, 2019
@disruptfascism I’ve never once identified by my province. I’m Canadian first. Scarborough hood rat second! #SHR
18th June, 2019
They screaming Tj how you turn to the man !? 🧐 Cause I learn how to swipe 💳 and do cash and advance! #stackorstarve
18th June, 2019
5/415 working kn a different bar position and streamlining my set up. #teamogre #theogrecompound
17th June, 2019


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