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How to Get Away with Murder will always be some A1 television #HTGAWM #Shmurda 😭
17th November, 2017
Shonda loves to ruin my life and raise my blood pressure. It’s a sport for her and she’s a quadruple gold meal Olym…
17th November, 2017
I told Rowdy its something about me cuzz they in love w/ me . He told me #shmurda dance in that pwssy don’t do no cuddling !!!
16th November, 2017
Nephew D.FitzHenely & his squad with walk off W.Continue on quest 4 a Championship.#LeaderOfMen #Shmurda #BK2FL
12th November, 2017
Asher is a precious cinnamon ROLL. PROTECT👏HIM👏AT👏ALL👏COSTS #HTGAWM #Shmurda
10th November, 2017
I’m catching up on #Shmurda and Annalise’s wigs are really on point this season.
8th November, 2017